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  • How much will my repair cost?
    All of our estimates are done at our store to ensure accurate pricing for you. We would hate to tell you that your repair will cost more or that it cannot be done by trying to price it without seeing it. However, we do guarantee our quotes once given to you at the store should you have to come back another time.
  • How long will my jewelry repair take?
    Most repairs take one business day or are same day. If your repair includes an part that needs to be ordered we will give you an estimated time of arrival. In the event that your items take longer to repair, we will notify you via call or text. ***Please note that as of July 2020 we are working under limited operations due to COVID-19. Some custom items are now experiencing 1-2 week turnaround time.
  • Is there someone I can speak with about my repair or any related concerns or questions?
    Absolutely! We are available Monday through Saturday between 10:30am to 5:45PM. Give us a call at (912) 352-0143 or message us on Facebook or our site. **Please note that we cannot give you an accurate quote over the phone without inspecting your item beforehand.**
  • How will I know when my repair is ready?
    While we give you an estimated date and time for your repair to be ready please allow us to call or text you prior to picking it up.
  • Can you replace my watch strap/band?
    Yes, we can! We have a variety of bands to choose from and are able to order one should we not have what you need in stock. We can also remove links in your watch strap if needed.
  • Can you size my finger?
    Yes! This is a service that we always do free of charge.
  • What if my jewelry is costume jewelry?
    Please note that items that are costume jewelry may experience different results during repair and finishing work, due to the nature of these pieces. These items may not be cleaned after the work in order to preserve any plating or finishes they may have.
  • Should I keep my work ticket?
    Please do. This the only way we can guarrantee our repair services to you should you have any questions about it. It is your responsability.
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